Since 1970, and perhaps much earlier, Mr. Siddons has studied technology and the future as a both a laymen and a professional with unbridled passion. Having been a long time closeted visionary and technophile, he has decided to finally "come out".

Mr. Siddons predicted the success of CD's (Compact Discs) in 1983,  Microsoft Windows in 1985-89, HDTV  in 1989,  The Internet and World Wide Web in 1993-1994,  and the DVD (Digital Versitile Disc) in 1997.  


Mr. Siddons has almost 40 years work experience in the computer industry spanning several companies including Ernst & Young and AT&T, where he has made contributions in cutting edge information based technologies. His expertise, knowledge and acumen have been sought out by those within and outside of those organizations. His insight, intuition and in some cases, uncanny prognostications have earned him an interesting, somewhat presumptuous reputation bordering on almost psychical abilities.

A veritable one-man think tank and lay futurist, Mr. Siddons attributes this to his intense research skills, his deep understanding of consumer demand and tastes, notwithstanding his delving into the multifaceted impact of new technological products and services upon the human condition...

Mr. Siddons, born in Washington, D.C., grew up in Denver, Colorado and Atlanta, Georgia but has resided most of his life in Orlando, Florida. He attended the University of Central Florida studying computer science in the early 1980's. Besides his predilection with the future, he is an avid reader, music and movie buff...


In 1995 he first published the Graphic City Guides on the World Wide Web which garnered more than 100,000 hits per year. In 1996 he designed the Intranet Tax Web for AT&T. He is now writing Tax web applications Microsoft's .NET for AT&T's tax finance group.

FutureCast Research and The Future Chronicles established in 1996, are the brainchild of H. L. Siddons, Jr.