Predictions and Forecasts

The Practical Futurist

Michael Rogers

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Chronicle of the Future (Sunday Times)


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The Next 20 Years


World Future Society ON-LINE

Society of futurists and The Futurist publication


A complementary site at the University of Houston at Clear Lake including their Future Studies Resources Index

Santa Fe Institute

Television Programs



Recommended for reading and edification:


HotWired: Future of the Future

Wired Magazine's expose' on the future - essays on the future of the future by notable futurists and thinkers

Wired 4.03 - George Gilder

OMNI on the Internet

Since 1979, OMNI Magazine has become the premiere magazine for the masses with an emphasis clearly on the future.


1999-2000 Releases


Next 20 Years - Future Books - A comprehensive list...

Business @ The Speed of Thought

by Bill Gates 

Check this out where in chapter 7 related links Bill links to our website


1998 Releases

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1997 Releases

The Dilbert Future by Scott Adams

The 500 Year Delta by Jim Taylor and Aatts Wacker

Architects of the Web by Robert H. Reid

Beyond Calculation: The Next 50 Years of Computing

Inspired by the 50th Anniversary of ACM

Overdrive by James Wallace (author of HardDrive)
Bill Gates and the Race To Control Cyberspace

Probable Tomorrows : How Science and
Technology Will Transform Our Lives in the
Next Twenty Years
 by Marvin Cetron and Owen Davies

What Will Be by

Michael Dertouzos

Pre 1997 Releases

"Being Digital" by

Nicholas Negroponte

An intriguing, yet thought-provoking look at our ongoing conversion from an analog to a digital world.


"The Road Ahead" by

Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft

Not since the 1986 publication, CD-ROM: The New Papyrus, where Mr. Gates promotes the promise and vision of CD-ROM, has he so eloquently shared his thoughts this time, on the super-information highway.

"The World of 2044"

Technological Development and the Future of Society contains essays by experts and the Report of The Fifth International Congress of PWPA

"Infomedia Revolution"

by Frank Koelesch By 

PEOPLE - Futurists

Dr. Tomorrow