FutureCast PodCast #2 (March 2010)

FutureCast PodCast #2 201003 (March 2010)


FCC unveils the country's first National Broadband Plan

3D TV becomes established as a new feature for HDTV,  Blu-ray and games

Microsoft showcases Pivot,  a hybrid web application

The Large Hadron Collider  begins serious testing  with initial success

Is the Singularity Near?



FutureCast PodCast #1 (February 2010) 

Starting in March 2010 we will be showcasing monthly then later in the year, weekly newscast headlines on the future... these will be newsworthy summaries about the future in technology, science and other future related products and predictions.



FutureCast PodCast #1 201002 (February 2010)


Apple Introduces the IPAD

Microsoft debuts Windows Phone 7 Series

Bloom Energy reveals the Bloom Box

Google debuts Buzz

Google proposes experimental fiber network

Microsoft Research and Carnegie Mellon University showcase Skinput